Always fascinated by computer science and after a training of over a year self-taught, today I put my knowledge of web development to serve your ambitions. My thirst for learning and my curiosity have allowed me to train in many fields and allows me today to improve myself in this profession in perpetual evolution. My skills today range from CMS website creation like WordPress or PrestaShop, with theme modification or module creation, maintenance and optimization of web applications and API Rest creation with node.js. Whatever your project, I will be there to advise you at every step, making a point of keeping respect of the specifications and an high level of reactivity, and even once the project done and online you won’t be delivered to yourself.


You may have heard about “responsive”. A responsive website adapts itself to used device. When you’re on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you should have the same experience in term of fluidity and reactivity. Different studies show that 50% of visited website was accessed from a mobile phone and that’s why I really care about responsive in all of my web projects.

Your needs

Terms like SEO, i18n, or accessibility are some of the most important aspects to take care about when creating a website, and best of all, I’ll take care about all of this for you. You stay focused on YOUR work. That’s why we would work closely together, all along your projects to fit your communication and image needs using the best tools and standards for your project.


Create, Maintain, Troubleshout...

The creation of your website is an important step. But what happens if there is any problem? Or, if your site does not suit you anymore? I propose you solutions adapted to your needs and your budget, as much on the complete creation of web site, as the maintenance or the troubleshooting while ensuring you of an high level of reactivity.


Creation of a showcase site for a building company located in Albi. A modernized image with a new logo, a clear site and a modern design.

Showcase site which presents the work of the artist in vogue at the moment in Albi. Cobo, his artworks at the heart of design with a system of cards that allow quick visualization of the works while having accessible information on each card.

Project Manager: Anthony Coppin

Realization of a website for a parent association under wordpress. With an administration allowing the creation of content according to the role of each administrator using custom categories and pages.

Realization of an e-commerce website under wordpress and woocommerce for a company of relooking of objects.

Trustful Partners

Project Manager

Anthony Coppin


Pierre Martel


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